Ruth Barker

This Place (Public Commission)

Glasgow Underground
This Place This Place This Place This Place

Temporary Work



Commissioning Agent: Commissioned by EmergeD for Glasgow international 2005

Site: Advertising boards on carriages of Glasgow Underground trains

Description: Text-piece installed on advertising boards in undergound trains. Text reads:



'This place' I'd asked 'or some other?' 

'Oh, anyplace really' he answered. After all, there's not much between them.' 

We sat on the wall, throwing our legs into the sunshine. The stone was warm and palpable on thepalms of our hands, and the war seemed very far away.

'Did you ever marry?' I asked him, recalling something of a conversation I'd had in England with a woman who remembered Isaac and the boat we'd made. He didn't answer, and the question hung in the air like the elbows of a cheap suit. We watched it with a feeling of melancholy interest until it passed away.

'I should go really,' I said regretfully. Closing my eyes I waited in the summer warmth behind the lids, knowing I would stay until the evening, and he too.

'There is something good' he said at last 'about a day you've nothing to say about when someone asks you what you did. I squinted my eyes against the glittering light and said nothing. Now, in the darkness, I remember that light, and the dapples it made on my retina.'



Materials: Advertising boards


Duration: The piece lasted for the duration of the festival - two weeks during April 2005.


images by Jethro Collins