Ruth Barker

The Foot Exerts More Pressure

Touchstones, Rochdale
The Foot Exerts More Pressure The Foot Exerts More Pressure The Foot Exerts More Pressure

The Foot Exerts More Pressure is a reworking of footage and associated items from The Foot Exerts A Pressure On The Surface Of The Glass (2016), a performance that took place at the Freud Museum, London, and which reflects the artist's ongoing interest in the life and work of Anna Freud. At Touchstones, Rochdale, the performance elements draw back together without the main protagonist of the performer. Within the installation, Barker's voice continues to tell her interlinked stories of female experience, and the porous thresholds between states and objects.

This performance is shaped like a necklace - one of Anna's necklaces...

These works were commissioned as part of the national touring exhibition Tall Tales, curated by Wewioraprojects. Tall Tales is a national touring programme bringing together the work of 17 international women artists who employ the playful use of storytelling techniques in the making of their work.

ARTISTS: Alinah Azadeh; Ruth Barker; Nicky Bird; Jacqueline Butler; Sharon Campbell; Beth Collar; Alison Erika Forde; Sarah Forrest; Rachel Goodyear; Oona Grimes; Margarete Berger-Hamerschlag; Lila De Magalhaes; Laure Prouvost; Ma Qiusha; Lauren Sagar; Mirjam Somers; Nina Yuen.