Ruth Barker

Strange Attractor

the Agency, London
Strange Attractor Strange Attractor Strange Attractor Strange Attractor

 A small late Dada assemblage in ink and watercolour by Man Ray (1890-1976),  “Les Papillons qui tombent du ciel ont soif”, served as the central reference for the group exhibition Strange Attractor, featuring female artists whose works were juxtaposed based on linear as well as conceptual connections, without pre-supposing a direct connection, allowing for new patterns or dialectics to occur. Artists: Man Ray, Ruth Barker, Sovay Berriman, Ulla von Brandenburg, Andrea Heller, Dominique Koch, Zilla Leutenegger, Loredana Sperini.




I exhibited the installation Directions For A Radio Play (2016) in the gallery’s main space. The work combined a spoken word audio track with a sculptural construction using ready-made and hand crafted elements.